I wouldn’t be where I am today without Kristin’s clarity, guidance, and vision for a career and life on fire. Last fall, I was burnt out and unhappy. Something just had to change. With Kristin’s help, I went from, “This job is killing me, I need a new one,” to launching my own business in a matter of months. I went from ground zero to a thriving consultancy! In four months, I laid the groundwork to take the entrepreneurial leap, secured three new clients, and doubled my take-home income — all while focusing on emotional resilience, intentional business building, and self-care. Thank you, Kristin. I’m so grateful for you!
— Ivellisse Morales, CEO, Bombilla Creative
A call with Kristin is like heroine, champagne, chocolate, and unicorns all at once!! In one session with her I feel course corrected, empowered, confident and on top of the world. Having Kristin remind me and reflect back to me who I truly am, what I have accomplished and how to manifest my dreams is one of the best investments I have ever made. With her help, I have gained clarity and confidence in my future business goals. If you want to live your best life authentically and achieve everything you have ever wanted, she will help you maintain the mindset to get there.
— Michelle Demaree Rielly, Founder, Miss Diamond Ring
Have you ever used a coach? I never had and didn’t think much about it until I launched my own business nine months ago. Six months in I knew I needed some outside support... someone to steer me in the right direction, help untangle my thoughts, and pull out the answers I already had within me.
So, I started looking for a coach. Enter Kristin Brabant. Incredible Kristin.
Wise. Compassionate. Flexible. And supportive, always supportive.
Kristin’s counsel and support have been transformational. Never has anyone been able to untangle my thoughts so quickly and with such great results.
In the year we’ve worked together, I’ve moved from an unfocussed set of services and pricing to the perfect mix of work that brings me joy, is in demand, and has the best return on investment. In particular, Kristin has helped me overcome the fear of raising my rates to better reflect my experience and value. Now, I have a pricing structure that supports clients and myself in maximizing our impact!
Thank you, Kristin.
— Leah Eustace, President, Blue Canoe Philanthropy
Kristin is incredibly adept at empowering individuals and supporting their growth. As someone new to coaching, I was delighted with Kristin’s ability to zero-in on my roadblocks during our first call. By our third session, I was tackling difficult conversations, expressing my needs with confidence, and feeling more motivated. By our fifth session I had advocated to join a new team with better growth trajectory and was successfully keeping my impostor syndrome at bay. Kristin is an enthusiastic partner, a joyful presence and a resourceful coach. She has an uncanny ability to translate practical wisdom into real-life scenarios in a way that is imaginative, funny and where the lessons actually stick!
— Maria Simeonova, Product Manager, Pivotal
Over the past 10 years, I’ve consistently worked with success coaches to uplevel my business, skills and leadership.
When I met Kristin, I was impressed by not only her skills and ability as a coach, but by her genuine passion and interest in her clients. And while she has incredible resources and knowledge to impart, she has a nearly magical ability to seek out (and help her clients see) their true passion and balance in doing it. She is a holistic coach in the sense she understands and works with the entire life, not just the business of her clients.
In the past 8 months coaching with Kristin, my business is thriving and I had a record year. I created a second business of passion that went from idea to fruition under her coaching. Most importantly, I have found joy in the journey, clarity on my goals and am experiencing rich relationships with my spouse, child, family and business partners.
— Rebecca Cafiero, CEO, Elevate Wellness Collective and Elevate Homes Realty
I called Kristin because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or career. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true; I knew I had the drive, but I was lacking purpose. In the six months that I’ve been working with her, I not only have direction, but I also have a purpose. I am beyond grateful to her for all of her coachings, and I am now starting to see massive moves in my own business and far more growth than I’ve ever seen in myself. So grateful for Kristin and all the work that she does. She’s so professional, she really listens and I always feel like our sessions are catered specifically to me. I would 100 percent recommend her to anyone.
— Jenna Shaffer, Founder, Spark Intention Podcast, and Success Coach
I’ve been tinkering with the idea of working with a life/career coach for a while and when I first met Kristin, I knew she was the right one at the right time. She has helped me clarify the vision of the business I want to run one day and has given me the valuable tools I need to not only make this vision a reality, but also the tools to live a healthy and well-balanced life today. Kristin has been amazing in helping me dig deep into what I’m most passionate about and is always 100 percent supportive. I enjoy working with her and having her in my corner!
— Karen Datangel, Developer Marketing Coordinator, Salesforce
Kristin knows how to identify pathways for success that others may not even think of. She creatively and in great detail drew out a roadmap for me to achieve my goals. She led me to results. She held high expectations, provided unmatchable support, and delivered on her promise. I was caught up in professional and personal hardships. You know, like when you feel the whole world is on top of you, and you feel like you “can’t move”? I was doing “my best” to achieve my personal goal (to graduate) and achieve my professional success (to be highly paid for what I do). I was a big picture type of person and Kristin helped me focus. She pointed out details. She helped me adopt better habits. She expected daily results. I graduated, published my 4th book, and I am increasing my business. I highly recommend Kristin Brabant Coaching, results speak for themselves.
— Ovidilio Vasquez, Motivational Speaker & On-Air Collaborator, Univision

I hit the jackpot when I was introduced to Kristin. Seriously, you know when you know. From our 1st conversation, there was something different. I came from a successful corporate career but when I entered entrepreneur life, I realized I needed a coach. Kristin provided the exact coaching I needed. I suggest you run at the chance to get on her calendar and level up your goals and dreams forever. Kristin is professional but yet fun and so aligned to supporting one’s vision. She has wisdom beyond her years. Kristin coached me to hit a milestone goal, as a result, it’s my best year to date!
— Nicole Barone, Crystal Executive, Isagenix
Working with Kristin has been the best investment I’ve made in myself. When I was first looking for a life coach, I was hesitant about the entire process. I wasn’t sure if a life coach was for me and if there would be any measurable impact from my sessions. Working with Kristin has been life changing. After just 5 months, I have healthier relationships, my professional life is on a new trajectory and I’m overall a happier person.
I look forward to my sessions with Kristin knowing I’ll walk away with a new challenge, one step closer to a better version of myself and to the life I’ve always wanted. Kristin is a combination of a coach, a mentor and a good friend. If you’re ready to take that next step at work, in your business or in your personal life, Kristin is your woman!
— Kelsey Miller, Community Manager, Udacity
Earnest and heartfelt, Kristin guides our sessions with unparalleled humor and soulful questioning. She possesses a rare set of qualities in a coach: She attentively empathizes with a given situation and she amplifies strengths that up until now I hadn’t truly embodied. I am now calmer and clearer in my life’s trajectory, and I have Kristin to thank for it.
— Madison Page, Founder, Core to Couer
I had dinner with Kristin (a friend from college) at a crossroads in my career. I’d left my job as a product manager in tech and was giving myself time off to figure out what was next. But rather than full of excitement for my period of self-discovery, I felt exhausted and aimless. Our conversation over dinner, and the resources Kristin recommended, gave me so much energy and direction that I took what felt like a big plunge and asked Kristin to be my coach.
In hindsight, it was a no-brainer :) Kristin is helping me make huge progress towards understanding what I want and how to get it — not only what I want out of this period of time in my career, but what I want out of life! That’s priceless, honestly.
Week to week, I look forward to our sessions because I know Kristin is going to make me laugh (she brings me down to earth!) and that she’s going to help me find a solution to whatever problem I’m facing, even — especially! — when I think that’s simply not possible. I have been on the hunt for that “thing” I love doing and am good at, and with Kristin, I’m learning by example. Kristin is clearly in her element as a coach, and you can feel that she genuinely wants that joy for other people, too.
— Paige Dunn-Rankin, Author & Freelance Copywriter & Editor
Asking for career help isn’t something I had done before. I was looking for a fresh approach to the grind that had begun to weigh down my perspective. I was stuck in a monologue of, “everything is just difficult!” Working with Kristin gave me an ally to help me chart a career that aligns with my values and goals. The more I practice the alignment with what is important to my values the more dividends I have seen in progressing my goals and team forward. Kristin is uplifting yet very proactive in holding me accountable to driving successful outcomes. I continue to grow my resiliency to increasingly difficult problems and now know where to look for help.
— Danielle Kohler, Director of Expansion, Amazon
From the minute I heard Kristin speak at a gig I was at, I knew she was a very wise woman. I was drawn to her immediately as someone who had “stuff” to teach me. We connected right away and my coaching journey began with her. She digs deep and pushes me to be the best version of me. Still a work in progress but there’s no one else I’d rather be working on this journey with. I’m over twice her age (and yes, age is just a number) but she is truly amazing. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a life coach.
— Barbara Breaux, Executive Assistant, Medallia
I would happily recommend Kristin as a coach to all of my friends. She makes me feel understood and has a subtle but powerful way of pushing me to release my limiting beliefs and patterns. Throughout our work together, Kristin has helped me to clarify the vision that I have for my life and has helped me to develop the tools and confidence that I need to achieve my goals. You will feel supported and pushed in a totally transformative way if you choose her as your coach. Trusting my intuition and deciding to work with Kristin has absolutely been one of the best gifts that I’ve ever given to myself.
— Beth Faitro, School Counselor, Los Angeles Unified School District