Hi, I'm Kristin. I coach professionals to redefine success on their own terms and achieve their biggest professional, financial and personal goals with greater ease and joy.

Why Coaching?

You are powerful beyond measure. Period. I firmly believe that regardless of what your inner critic / coworker / grumpy neighbor / mother-in-law has to say, you have the power to create massive positive impact with your life. That's really good news! You might be here, however, because you're familiar with the tough news: there's a difference between our potential and our realized power. It's likely you've experienced success and fulfillment. So, you know how great it feels to be "in the zone," contributing powerfully, enjoying rich relationships, and relishing in joy. The trouble is consistency. This is why every human being benefits from coaching. Coaching helps you realize your potential consistently to create a life of fulfillment, meaning and vibrancy. As your coach, I'm here to help you clarify your current vision of success, create a plan to realize it, and consistently employ the habits, strategies, mindsets and steps needed to live it daily. I'm here to help you go from "someday" to today. 

Here's How I See it:

You are the expert in your field and on yourself; I’ve got the tools, strategies and routines to help you get what you really want.

You are talented, powerful, intuitive, and resilient; I am here to help you leverage those gifts effectively and consistently.

You know deep down what you want, but don’t have it; I will guide you in making the inner and outer shifts needed to experience a career and personal life on fire.

What's Possible?

The Short Answer: Whatever you want. The Disclaimer: You have to be willing to believe this and you must feel a need to change. That's it. That's all I need to work with. You are in control of your own success. I am here to make it much more likely you'll experience it. If you're tired of only touching the tip of the iceberg of your potential, and are ready to find out just how good it can get, then I can't wait to chat. 

 I've Coached Clients To

Transition to a career or business of financial & personal freedom
Double their income & earn promotions
Clarify their "why" & use it to create influence & impact
Develop leadership strategies that empower themselves & others
Improve their professional & personal relationships
Increase their confidence & decision-making ability
Move beyond their fear & go for what they really, really want

Let’s figure out what you’ll do next.


Kristin guides our sessions with unparalleled humor and soulful questioning. She possesses a rare set of qualities in a coach: She attentively empathizes and she amplifies strengths that up until now I hadn’t truly embodied. I am now calmer and clearer in my life’s trajectory, and I have Kristin to thank for it.
— Madison Page | Founder of Core To Coeur Online Fitness