kristin brabant

I’m insatiably curious about what fulfills women in our professional and personal lives. What does success look like according to us? How can we passionately pursue that vision of success with a little more play? And how in God’s name do we make meaningful impact in our professional lives, while still engaging deeply and joyfully with the ones we love?  

These are the questions that move me each day, and that I work with my clients to answer for themselves in our coaching sessions. Getting to walk alongside the courageous entrepreneurs and female professionals who know they’re ready to give more, to earn more, to benefit more lives fuels me. My clients are equipped with the tools, knowledge, strategies and routines they need to enjoy their success wholly and without inhibition. You can think of me like that girl friend you wish would show up on “deep clean” days. I’ll be there, gloves on, ready to help you clear out your tired, old stories about yourself, and support you to make real the life you can’t wait to wake up to.